Research conducted by IDG for Freshworks shows that 61% of IT managers have already deployed artificial intelligence -AI- at some level and 32% are exploring the possibilities.

“The data proves what Freshworks has seen for years with its customers: They expect AI to be deeply integrated into ITSM tools instead of being an add-on that takes extra effort to delight their employees. As the survey shows, AI users want greater automation, reduced complexity, and a simplified approach with modern IT tools that appeal to businesses of all sizes. futuristic concept, it’s a must-have,” explains Prakash Ramamurthy, Product Manager at Freshworks.

Almost 70% of respondents say artificial intelligence is essential or very important for upgrading and modernizing the capabilities of their IT service desk. In terms of use cases, ITSM chatbots are clearly leading the way in planned or actual AI deployments.

When asked what they wanted to get out of implementing AI, respondents cited speed of implementation (40%), integration with existing systems (40%), the overall cost of implementation (38%) and training AI robots to provide the most accurate answer (39%).

Respondents also want easy deployment: 82% strongly or almost agree with the following statement: “We need a fast, preformed and easy to deploy AI solution to meet our needs” . And 85% agree with the following statement: “The more intuitive an AI application, the more likely it is to be accepted and deployed.”

The survey also looked at the number of requests for IT services received each day by IT help desks. This number ranges from an average of 44 requests per day for small businesses to 725 per day for large organizations.

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