A while back, Discord introduced a feature called Rich Presence, which is an API that developers can use to link their games to the platform, in order to make it easier to navigate from the chat app.

Many studios have added integration to individual games. But EA is now doing it at the player level, so EA games on PC show a more detailed view of your in-game activity with your friends across the platform.

Starting today, the EA app allows you to link your Discord account. Once you link the two together, your cross-platform contacts see that game you’re playing through the EA app, how long you’ve been in it and the specific game mode you’re currently using.


The platform had earlier announced the rollout of scheduled events, which allow users to plan in advance, giving time to spread awareness and join in. Like a Facebook event.

With the platform’s scheduled events, users can create an event with a subject name for a future date, allow members to respond to an invitation to attend – which then sends them a notification when the event starts – and create an invite link for a specific event.

They also see if you’re willing to join a group to play something different. This last point is important because it can help get your friends to play a game they didn’t plan on when they launched the platform.

Previously, friends could only see what game you were playing and for how long. You can link your accounts by going to the Settings menu in the EA app and then clicking on My Account followed by Connected Accounts.

EA said: “Many PC gamers are using Discord for voice, video, and text communications to improve playtime with friends.” So it makes sense to collaborate and raise the level of communication between our platforms.

“We’re excited that the EA app now offers a more connected experience,” she added. Our team is full of enthusiastic platform users, and we look forward to our players being able to enjoy the benefits that Rich Presence has to offer.

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