Do not use browsers to store your password


In addition to practicing poor password hygiene, relying on password managers built into the web browser was another security misstep highlighted by a recent survey.

Commissioned by access management provider ThycoticCentrify, the survey found that more than a third (35%) of respondents admitted to relying on their web browser to store credentials on their personal and work devices. .

“By breaking just one of these devices, an attacker can easily access all the passwords stored in the user’s browser. or even sensitive data, ”said Joseph Carson, chief security scientist and CISO advisory at ThycoticCentrify.


Carson argued that even if a personal device is compromised, the attacker can use the credentials stored in their web browser to analyze the user’s password habits and create all possible combinations of a word. password using cracking tools to eventually gain access to their well-protected business. applications and system.

The survey covered more than 8,000 knowledge workers from more than a dozen countries in order to control the risky activities of employees.

The study found that more than half (55%) of those surveyed were not afraid to connect to a mobile hotspot, even in a business scenario, while 32% had no qualms about connecting to a mobile hotspot. public WiFi networks.

Additionally, while 23% of those surveyed used personal devices within their corporate network, 34% admitted to sending work documents to a personal computer.

Surprisingly, an overwhelming majority (79%) chose to engage in risky behavior despite knowing the safety implications of their actions.


“When faced with a choice between productivity and cybersecurity, employees take the easy route and that primarily means sacrificing security,” concludes research suggesting companies need to strike a balance between people and technology to properly protect against cyber threats.


via The Register


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