Facebook said it is expanding its support for 2FA physical security keys across mobile devices in order to better protect user information from malicious hackers.

The social platform has supported these keys for its desktop version since 2017, but now allows users via iOS and Android apps to use them to secure their accounts as well.

Two-factor authentication provides another layer of support for online accounts, requiring users to log in with their password and an additional piece of information, usually a digital code generated by a third-party system.

The Facebook post states: We strongly recommend that everyone consider using physical security keys to increase the security of their accounts, regardless of the device they are using.

Since 2017, Facebook has encouraged people at high risk to be targeted by hackers, such as politicians, public figures, journalists and human rights defenders, to use such technology.

Physical security switches, which can be purchased directly from the companies that make them and connect to your device using USB or Bluetooth, are widely considered the best way to protect online accounts.

Other methods, such as authentication apps or SMS alerts, create codes for users to type in, but the codes are likely to be intercepted by a malicious third party seeking access.

Once the user connects the key – which he needs to keep close to – to his device, he verifies his identity, allowing him to log in.

Twitter said earlier this week that it plans a future update that allows accounts with two-factor authentication enabled to use security keys as the only authentication method.

Currently, Twitter users can use the security key plus a second 2FA method as a backup.

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