Google confirmed that it is testing the dark mode for desktop search, and if the test reaches you and you have set your system to dark mode, the background of Google search pages will appear in a very dark gray.

Although it has not been widely released, Google is actively working to introduce a dark dark mode for desktop searches.

It is not clear how widespread the test will be, as a number of users have been able to obtain dark mode through search pages, while Google search pages are still white for other people.

It’s also unclear whether or not Dark Mode for Desktop Search will be officially rolled out on a larger scale.

Google said in a statement: We are always testing new ways to improve our experience for our users, but we do not have anything specific to announce now.

It is noteworthy that this is not the first time that the dark mode of desktop search appeared, as reports issued in January reported that some people were viewing the dark mode at that time.

And if you launch the Incognito window with Google Chrome, you may be greeted with a new message on your search.

The box indicates that the dark theme is now available, and it prompts users to quickly and easily launch the setup using the shortcut button.

While many Google products include web dark mode, most have to be enabled manually.

This function will be useful for Windows 10 and macOS users, who both have system-level features that Chrome, Safari, Edge, and other browsers support.

Google still chooses a dark gray background instead of the real black, using white elements to contrast with the background in addition to a slight blur for the different icons and links.

A Chrome browser extension called Dark Reader is available that uses advanced algorithms to find light backgrounds and make them darker, and at the same time, text and links are adapted to the background, either by making it white or light gray.

And Twitter made changes to the dark mode for some unaware people in the past week, with the dark mode getting darker unexpectedly.

Microsoft is now testing changes made to Word to darken entire documents when using dark mode.

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