In the field of writing and translation, there are so many projects in terms of machine translation, which is often promoted as a frightening thing coming until the jobs of translators are removed!

The CleverSo Integrated Translation Management System, which was recently launched in the region, sees things from a different perspective. This program is designed to facilitate the work of translators and project managers. The machine will be an aid to them, not to them.


What does the system offer to linguists?

Linguists are making use of always-on machine translation as an option. Translators, editors, and proofreaders can keep the translated text coherent and smooth. Thanks to the translation memory, they can see terms that were previously translated on the same project and thus use them. This ensures that terminology and translation style is always standardized for the same client.

Translators, editors, and proofreaders also benefit from the base of terminology assigned to either the customer, the sector, or both together, so that this contributes to increasing the localization of translated texts and giving him the customer’s touch and style in translation.

CleverSo works as an integrated translation management system that was built and developed based on deep experience in the world of translation and content writing, which gives it a greater advantage, as its design takes into account the full cycle of the translation process from receiving tasks from the client until they are delivered to him.

CleverSo is betting on the advantage of machine translation: “Its accuracy is very high because it is based on the expertise of specialized linguists and their work is of high quality.”

Despite its short life, CleverSo has acquired clients such as General Authority for Statistics in Saudi Arabia, Independent Arabia, and G20. The translation company itself also works on the system with it in many tasks for other large companies.

The company realizes the importance of data and information security for its customers. When asked about the security of customer data, she explained, “Our organization holds an ISO certificate in information security (ISO / IEC 27001: 2013), which guarantees that you own the intellectual property of your data. At the same time, data is stored on the client’s infrastructure.

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