Last year, IBM launched an initiative called Call for Code, which calls on developers to use cloud, data, AI and blockchain technologies to better help humanity prepare for natural disasters through sustainable software solutions.

IBM decided to launch “Code for Our Lady”, an initiative similar to Call for Code, a competition designed to develop technological solutions to protect iconic cultural sites.

“Natural disaster mitigation is one of the biggest challenges in the world and the last decade has been one of the worst times of natural disasters and although weather events are unavoidable, it should not be catastrophic,” said IBM. “

In the same context IBM add: “Hundreds of famous cultural sites around the world are not equipped to deal with disasters such as fires, floods, climate change or conflict, while many of the latest innovations and technologies have not been applied to some of the greatest challenges facing humanity”.

The company appeals to developers, designers and talented entrepreneurs to present their ideas and solutions during a special day of this initiative in Paris.


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