The results of a study by Kaspersky Lab show that children are becoming more popular with online stores, as they enjoy the benefits of online shopping, browsing and sometimes buying in the electronic way that may become the only one or the norm for shopping in the future.

The growing interest in children’s e-commerce sites is a growing global trend, but the extent of attention varies by geographic location. Children’s interest in online shopping has more than tripled over the past year, from 2 percent to 9 percent.

According to data, the largest share of searches was seen in Russia and the CIS by 23 percent, followed by North America by 15 percent, Europe and the Middle East by 11 percent, Asia and Latin America by 9 percent.

AliExpress, Ebay and Amazon are the most popular stores for kids in the world, while the most popular brands are Nike and Adidas in the sportswear category, Apple and Samsung in the Electronics and Gucci category, Fannas, Suprem and Zara in clothing.

This growing interest in online shopping by children should not be explained by the need to prevent such activities or to mean actual spending for money. Children may look for things they love and expect new ones, or gather wish lists for friends and family members. But parents should take care of the children’s online habits and talk to them about their concerns, the risks involved in the Internet world and the precautions to be taken, with some clear rules for this activity.

Source : Kaspersky

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