MariaDB has announced a new version of MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.4. The new version provides many advanced features while enhancing security and reliability.

Enhanced Backup: Organizations with large databases will benefit from guaranteed operational performance by analyzing multi-step backups that can not be blocked and allowing write operations and schema changes during backups.

Enhanced Auditing: MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.4 provides more reliable, robust and easy auditing capabilities by recording all changes to the audit configuration and logging the most detailed login information.

Group: This new version comes with comprehensive and integrated encryption for multiple system clusters for better data security regardless of where they are stored in the database.

Dual-Time Support: The binary table maintains a date that is based on the system time as well as the duration of the activity. With dual-time support you have greater flexibility in how you query data by time. Developers will be able to manage a wide range of usage situations through application development using standard time and SQL data.

Instant Chart changes: Columns can now be reorganized immediately, a column is deleted, a column is added in any position, the column size is increased, and the column size is changed.

Source : MariaDB

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