Weebly offers one of the easiest ways to create a free website, and it allows you to design your site in less than ten steps. You don’t need to know programming languages ​​to create a free website with Weebly, so it’s suitable for beginners.

Some believe that Weebly is one of the best websites for designing e-stores, because it has add-ons and applications that help in the work of e-stores.

  1. Register on Weebly:
  2. You can go directly to Weebly, then log in to the site using your account or register a new account, which is free. Weebly will then ask you to select the type of site you want to create, and whether or not you want an online store with the site.

    You can later install an online store on your site after creating it, but this step saves you time later.

  3. Website design selection:
  4. Weebly offers you more than 50 different designs that you can choose from, and these designs are divided into different sections to make it easier for you to choose.

    Weebly’s designs come in beautiful and modern design that is suitable for various sites, in addition to that, you can change the design at any time even after the site is published.

    You can also preview each design before using it, and you can also modify the design later before publishing the site.

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  5. Get the site name:
  6. You can now choose the name of the new site, and get the link for it either on Weebly hosting or from other hosting services.

    And before you choose the name of the site, you should think carefully, and this is because you cannot change the name of the site or its link after publishing.

    Weebly provides free link hosting, but the link is xxx.weebly.com, which is convenient if you are creating a free website.

    But in the case of large or professional sites, you must get paid hosting, and you can get it through Weebly as well.

    If you have an old website link, you can use it with Weebly by clicking Transfer or Connect.

  7. Website design modification:
  8. After registering the website link, you can modify its design and make it suitable for you.

    This is through the easy editing interface that appears in front of you, and the interface is similar to all photo editing applications such as Photoshop and others.

    So in order to change something in the design, all you need is to click on the element and modify it whether it is an image or some text.

    You can add new items via the sidebar that appears in the interface, by clicking on the item and then adding it.

    However, there are some items that are not free, and you need to subscribe to the paid plans in order to be able to use them.

    You can increase the number of site pages as you wish through the Pages menu in the top bar, and there is a set of pre-designed pages that you can choose from according to your use.

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  9. Rely on applications:
  10. In the top bar, you will find a page called Apps, which are the applications that you can use on the site, including the online store application.

    more than 300 different apps, some of which are paid and some are free.

    Some of the applications on Weebly help you improve site performance and speed with different search engines.

  11. Add the online store:
  12. You can also add the online store from the Weebly interface, and then add the products you want to sell.

    And if you did not create an online store in the first step, you can do it by clicking on the Products page.

    Or via your account control menu, then choose the online store, and you can easily design the online store through this menu.

    The site tells you the necessary steps to make the store and add the following things:

    • Store information
    • Products sold and in the store
    • Various payment methods you accept
    • Shipping
    • Taxes and how to pay them

    You can use the store in a full way through the free subscription, but if you want more additions and analyze the performance of the store, you must subscribe to the paid plans.

Weebly, in short, is one of the best ways to create and publish a free website, especially if it’s an online store.

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