US newspapers reported yesterday that Google officials are discussing the removal of all content for children from YouTube and then transfer it to a YouTube application dedicated to children “YouTube Kids”. Discussions within the company continue and aim to combat malicious behavior targeting the children of the site after the failure of the previous steps.

Other Google employees are asking Google executives to consider disabling the autorun feature that automatically runs other suggested videos that appear with each video watched. The move is believed to be a direct response to many of the articles published over the past months that both malicious and non-harmful videos that focus on children are running automatically.

The company is considering a lot of ideas to improve YouTube and some are still just ideas and the company has admitted to making a series of mistakes over the past few weeks and said some of those decisions were disappointing and painful.

Observers believe that moving all content directed to children from YouTube to the YouTube Kids app will not be so easy and months after launching the app in 2015, there is a series of videos that are harmful to children that contain discussions about sex and suicide.

Source : TheVerge, Wsj

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