The Android 9 Pie version offers many new features and security enhancements, as well as enhancements based on artificial intelligence. In addition to a host of hidden features that many people do not know, which facilitates the use of Android devices and enhances the user experience throughout the day.

The ability to maximize navigation gestures is three times greater through settings to get a better view of your Android device screen, and you can turn it off by triple clicking on the screen. This feature is especially great for people with visual impairment.

Text-to-Speech: Helps you listen to the text on your device’s screen easily. For example, you can listen to articles or news that interests you while you eat, and all you have to do is activate the text-to-speech engine from Google , Then download the language pack you want.

The color correction and contrast feature, which can change the appearance of colors on your screen, is a real help for people with color blindness. By activating the invert colors option, contrast can be increased to facilitate reading from the device screen.

TalkBack: If you’re having problems with a device screen, but the touch feature still works, once you enable this feature, you’ll get voice feedback, as well as verbal phrases while on the screen.

Finally, the interaction controls feature lets you turn on motion gestures, set screen timeout, or turn them off.

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