Google offers many services and applications that we rely mainly on: Gmail, email, maps, docs, and even cloud storage to keep your files and access them from anywhere, but Google is a large company and has dozens of services that you may not have tried yet. Here are the top 7 free services provided by Google that you may not know:

  1. Conducting surveys and taking opinions:
  2. If you are not sure you have a response to the emails you send, or there are many opinions about an issue, you can use Google Forms. To write quick questions and send them to the largest possible group with the push of a button, then collect the results that come to you, classify and analyze them to make the final decision.

  3. Video chat:
  4. If you use an iPhone and want to have a video chat with someone who uses an iPhone, of course this conversation will take place via the FaceTime service on iPhone phones, but what do you do if you are using an Android phone and the other user is using an iPhone?

    Fortunately, Google has provided a way to make this possible, through the Google Duo app. If you both have a Google account, you can video chat over the phone, tablet, or the web, all directly, and with up to eight people at a time.

  5. Add fonts to your site:
  6. There are many great fonts that you want to include on your site to add some vitality to your content, but the problem is that they can be expensive and difficult to implement. Google has a solution to this problem through the Google Fonts service, which provides nearly a thousand free and open source fonts to choose from, all of which come with easy and clear instructions on how to add them to your site.

  7. Automated search:
  8. If you want to be constantly informed about a topic and don’t have time to search for it on the search engine, you can use the Google Alerts service to automatically filter your search results with the important terms and items you want to track. It will be sent to you in your inbox at any time you specify.

  9. Booking airline tickets:
  10. Sometimes searching for a cheap airline ticket is cumbersome. Google saves you a lot with Google Flights, which offers you the best airlines, offers information about whether or not the time is right to buy a ticket, a calendar network that displays cheaper options for more flexible dates, and an option to set up notifications to automatically track price changes.

  11. Create and share to-do lists:
  12. Sometimes you may need a simple, uncomplicated solution to creating a To-Do List and sharing it with others. Google provides you with Google Keep, where you can add notes, lists, photos and even voice reminders to share with anyone with a Google Account.

  13. International phone line:
  14. If you travel a lot around the world and are just looking for an uncomplicated phone plan, you have Google Fi, which you can use without any additional fees abroad, take advantage of three mobile phone networks to get the strongest signal (if you have a compatible phone), and subscription prices start From $ 30, and up to $ 70 a month.

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