PayPal, the online payment service, shares the same opinion as Google. However, PayPal does not want to replace the iframe HTML element. The company wants to improve it. How does it intend to proceed ? PayPal engineers developed Zoid, a graphical JavaScript library, to complement the performance of iframes. According to Daniel Brain, an engineer at PayPal, Zoid adds interesting features to iframes.

It is quoted that Google has proposed to the conference I / O this year the use of new tags that it to replace the iframe.According to Google, this is a new Web platform API that aims to make loading and navigating web pages easier by streamlining the user browsing experience on your site.

Zoid allows:
– display an iframe or popup from a domain and pass objects and functions;
– to add a prerender to avoid the perception of a slow rendering: Zoid also provides previews of HTML and CSS in iframes and popups, so that you can at least make a loading spinner, or maybe to be something more advanced, while the new window loads its contents;
– Navigate from within an iframe to other parts of the hosting web page (a bit like Google’s Portal API)
display more quickly your components created with React, Vue.js or Angular: Zoid is not designed to build components for your own site. For that, you need to use native component libraries like React. Zoid makes these components appear quickly on your page;
– Share features with other sites, with which you can not share native JavaScript components

According to PayPal, Zoid is not designed to replace libraries like React, which are responsible for rendering components in the same domain. The company’s engineers explained that, in fact, the only real rendering that Zoid does is iframes and popups. The rest is up to you. You can build your components using any framework, library, or pattern of your choice, and then use Zoid to expose your components between domains. It should work well with any other framework.

Source : Zoid

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