WABetaInfo reported that the WhatsApp instant messaging service is testing a number of new features, such as: the visual messaging feature that it detected in the service application on Apple’s iOS operating system.

The website, which specializes in monitoring experimental features in WhatsApp, said that it had discovered a new feature under development in the beta version number available through the TestFlight program.

Although WhatsApp allows users to send voice notes, it seems that it is now testing a new feature that enables users to send visual messages, and it may be launched in an upcoming version of the application.

WABetaInfo explained that the new feature will make it easier for users to record short video clips of no more than 60 seconds and then send them to contacts, by pressing the camera button.

It seems that the new feature comes to give users another way to communicate with family and friends via WhatsApp.

WABetaInfo posted a screenshot of the new visual messages, which will work in a similar way to voice messages, but with the added advantage of capturing and sharing visual content.

It is believed that visual messages are superior to voice or text messages as an ideal way to convey feelings, feelings and facial expressions. There may be times when sending a visual message is more appropriate than a voice message, such as wanting the other party to see something the user sees or downloads.

It should be noted that the video messages will be end-to-end encrypted, meaning that no one, not even WhatsApp or Meta, or any ISP, can see the video messages that are shared with others.

In addition, it will not be possible to save or forward video messages to other chats for more privacy, but screenshots are still allowed.

It is noteworthy that the ability to send visual messages is under development and will be launched in a future update of the application.

Those wishing to try out the new features can sign up for the WhatsApp beta program on Android, and the latest beta version of the app can also be downloaded and installed manually from here. You can also sign up for the iOS beta program here.

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