Kosta Eleftheriou, the mobile app developer who created the successful Apple Watch keyboard app FlickType, over the past several weeks has highlighted several rampant fraud apps across the Apple app store.

In the past two weeks, Eleftheriou has openly criticized Apple for lax enforcement of app store rules, which have allowed fraudulent apps, as well as apps that clone popular software from other developers, to spread.

These apps are enjoying a lot of revenue in the iPhone market, thanks to the fake reviews, ratings and ratings paired with a deceptive weekly subscription.

Eleftheriou talked about the scale of fraud that occurs daily in the App Store, saying: The problem has grown to the point that the existence of a rating and review system makes it worse, as it gives consumers a false sense of security and the wrong idea that the application is distinguished because you enter it through an attractive page in the application store with many reviews .

His complaints, which have attracted the attention and support of countless other app developers in the iOS community, underscore the growing tension between Apple and the software makers it depends on. This comes at a time when the company, its store, and its practices are subject to unprecedented antitrust scrutiny and legal challenges from competitors.

All of the issues Elefthero raises have followed what he says are inconsistently applied app store rules and slow supervision. The developer explained that the fake apps, ratings and ratings that can be purchased are trying to steal money from consumers under false pretenses by using exploitative subscription services.

Also, a disabled algorithmic ranking system helps these apps climb to the top and compete with original paid apps developed by small teams or individual developers.

He adds that allowing it to continue means that Apple is not actively monitoring the platform unless the problem attracts media attention or involves one of the company’s current competitors, such as: Facebook or Epic Games.

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