Mozilla has announced that it will re-launch its recently discontinued Firefox Test Pilot to allow users to experience new privacy-focused features and products before they are ready for normal use.

The overall objectives of the new software are slightly different from the previous with a greater focus on testing beta products, and instead of allowing users to try new ideas from the Firefox team, the testing program will allow users to try new products and services before the official launch.

The first new project in beta testing is “Firefox Private Network VPN”, which is now available to Firefox users on desktops in the United States.

Mozilla stopped the testing program – first launched three years ago – in January this year, and “Firefox Private Network VPN” helps desktop users protect their online privacy.

Mozilla says it wants to take a long time to develop the program, and this new version is already somewhat different from the previous version, as the products and services may be outside the browser Firefox, and is one step away from the public version.

According to the organization, Firefox Private Network is not about trying to circumvent geographic restrictions and may not contain the word (VPN), instead it focuses on giving users access to a private network when they are on a public wireless network.

Firefox’s private network is also focused on helping them hide their sites from websites and ad trackers, but the network still offers users many of the same VPN features.

Firefox Private Network provides an encrypted and secure path to protect your connection and personal information anywhere and everywhere you use Firefox.

Mozilla chose Cloudflare as a partner to launch the Firefox Private Network, and Cloudflare provides the proxy. The new VPN product is now available as a Firefox accessory, although you must be in the United States and use Firefox on your desktop to take advantage of the service.

Source : Mozilla

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