72% of employees store work documents that contain personal or sensitive data, if exposed to others, they may cause the company financial or reputation problems, which may be detrimental to employees and customers.

A global report by Kaspersky Lab, “Sorting Out Digital Clutter In Business”, found a number of links between the digital chaos at work and the living human habits behind it.

Digital chaos includes files, documents, and data that arise at work, without the company having a complete vision of it, controlling the way it is stored, or controlling access to it.

Nearly three-quarters of employees (71%) believe that business leaders, IT teams, or digital security teams alone should take responsibility for ensuring that appropriate access rights are given to e-mail, files, and documents.

Maxim Frolov, Vice President of Global Sales at Kaspersky Lab, said that business leaders should be aware of digital chaos and potential security risks. “Organizing a refrigerator at home will not guarantee the durability of existing defenses In the face of security breaches in companies, but the application of the same mentality towards digital chaos will make staff more able to ward off electronic threats, so employees should be sensitized to the best ways to manage their digital assets, there should be simple but effective protection, do not add complexity to work, But to ease it. “

Source : Kaspersky

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