As a global effort to slow the spread of the Corona pandemic, Kaspersky offers users to use the Kaspersky Total Security package for free for a period of three months, due to the increased risks of digital security.

Kaspersky Total Security solution aims to provide a comprehensive security level on multiple devices while working or learning online, and Kaspersky decided to make this package available to users without charge for 3 months.

Kaspersky Total Security includes anti-virus and anti-ransomware features, features that ensure webcam security and password management, as well as a virtual private network (VPN), all in one licensed package.

Kaspersky security expert (Maher Yamout) called for the utmost vigilance of security precautions and taking appropriate measures to maintain digital security for users, while business and governmental and educational institutions continue to work and distance education. He said: The subversive parties are looking to exploit the loopholes and vulnerabilities of users, especially in mobile devices and home wireless internet Wi-Fi, where digital security is weak.

Cyber ​​criminals have used the Corona virus pandemic as a bait to achieve their malicious targets, as individuals continue to be concerned about their own and their families’ health, while forged documents claiming to raise awareness about the emerging Corona virus continue to spread malware and cause further sabotage.

Kaspersky Total Security is easy to use, it prevents viruses, locks data, files, and other threats, and provides high-level encryption that simulates banking system cipher; To ensure the highest levels of online payment protection and secure passwords, photos and personal documents.

The advanced parental controls, included in Kaspersky Total Security, also enable parents to protect their children from potential malicious digital activities, suspicious sites, and inappropriate content, which is a great and reliable feature when children become accustomed to e-learning methods and spend a lot of time In entertainment purposes online while staying at home.

You can take advantage of the promotional offer for Kaspersky Total Security by visiting the dedicated site.

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