Securing your Amazon account is absolutely essential, as it contains sensitive personal information and data such as: credit card number, purchases, and home address, and all of this information is a treasure trove for any hacker who can access your account.

Fortunately, checking your personal data, using a safer password and enabling an additional layer of protection for your account is a very easy task that takes just minutes.

  1. Permanent verification of your personal information:
  2. First, you must verify the information associated with your Amazon account, be always up to date.

    If someone tries to access your account and change your security settings, Amazon will send an email to confirm that you are the person who made the change, and having a phone number associated with your account will act as a backup way to secure more and send verification codes before entering.

  3. Using a strong password:
  4. After updating your personal data in the Amazon account you must choose a strong password, and if you are already using an application to manage passwords this is great, because the application will on your behalf create a strong password consisting of letters, symbols and numbers, which makes it difficult for those who want to seize Your account to be guessed.

    But remember: You should not reuse the same password in your other accounts, as this would make all of your online accounts vulnerable, if one of these accounts is compromised.

  5. Activate the two factor authentication feature:
  6. You can use an additional layer of security in your Amazon account by activating the Two-Factor Authentication feature, which requires you to enter the password followed by a temporary code sent to your phone in the form of an SMS text message, or created by one of the authentication applications, without Password and this code, no one – even you – can access your account.

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