Microsoft said that the Bing Image Creator tool based on artificial intelligence technology has become available to users of the Edge browser on the desktop around the world.

On March 21, the US software giant announced that it would bring the DALL-E artificial intelligence model, which creates images from text instructions, to the new Bing search engine and Edge web browser.

Microsoft explained that the Bing Image Creator tool is based on the advanced version of the DALL-E model from the artificial intelligence technology company (Open AI) OpenAI, and it allows you to create an image simply by using words only to describe the image you want to see.

The company said that the Bing Image Creator tool will be fully integrated into the new Bing engine, and will initially launch in Creative mode and will later be available in Balanced and Precise modes.

And Microsoft explained Thursday in a post on its blog that the new tool comes as a way to create “very specific” visuals for publishing on social media, slideshows, or documents.

And according to Microsoft, you’ll have to manually add the tool to the Edge sidebar before you can use it, at least for now. To do this, open the sidebar, click the + button, and then enable the button next to Image Creator.

In addition to integrating the Bing Image Creator tool into the browser, Microsoft also announced the integration of other tools, such as: the Drop tool, which allows you to send files and other types of content to yourself to create a personal diary that can be synced across devices.

Microsoft also added a tool called Browser Essentials, which is a button you can click to make sure Edge is running efficiently and scanning for malware. However, this feature is currently only available in beta.

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