Deepfakes technology can sometimes be a source of entertainment, when used in the context of movies and memes, but it is also a growing concern, in an era of fake news and disinformation that Deepfakes technology – that is, images, videos, or audio files created by artificial intelligence – can be used or manipulated. To confuse and mislead people, but Microsoft has other ideas.

On Tuesday, Microsoft announced two new technologies to fight Deepfakes, aimed at providing readers with the tools to filter out what is real and what is not.

The first technology: called Microsoft Video Authenticator, analyzes images and video clips to give a relative chance or a degree of confidence that the media has been artificially manipulated, and according to the blog of the official Microsoft website, the tool works to detect Deepfakes technology by detecting elements mixed with the image That our flimsy human eyes might not have caught on, such as: subtle fading, grayscale elements, and borders.

As for the second technology: It will be available as part of Microsoft’s Azure cloud service for creators, by adding hashes and digital certificates to the images or videos to reveal Deepfakes technology, and then this will live in the metadata when the media publishes over the Internet, where it will This technology, which is considered an add-on to the browser, then matches this hash; This gives readers information about who originally created the content, and whether or not it has changed since then.

Is the problem using Deepfakes technology solved?

Not exactly, as Microsoft acknowledges in its blog that Deepfakes’ technology is constantly getting more and more complex, which means that its AI tool will also need to be updated.

It should be noted that Microsoft is not the only company that is striving to find a solution to the problem of Deepfakes, after banning it again in January, Facebook recently revealed its own efforts to discover this technology, while the Twitter platform began to classify manipulated and fabricated media, and introduced the platform Reddit bans its own.

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