According to results released by Loup Ventures, Google‘s Smart Assistant outperformed other digital assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri in the 2019 Digital Intelligence IQ test.

Google Assistant was able to answer 93% in the test, which consists of 800 questions for each system of artificial intelligence on the principle of comparing digital aids, compared to 83% for Apple’s Siri assistant and 80% Alexa from Amazon.

The test is divided into five categories, including the category of local, commercial, navigational questions, information and orders. In order to better demonstrate the potential of digital assistance. Every platform has seen improvements where it was one year ago and exactly in July 2018, Google Assistant answered correctly by 86% versus Siri by 79% and Alexa by 61%.

Google Assistant dominated four categories of items, including trade, with a 92 percent accuracy over Alexa (71 percent) and Siri (68 percent).

Loup Ventures test excluded Microsoft’s assistant, Cortana, this year, after the assistant disappeared from Microsoft products and third-party accessories.

Test results - Loup Ventures
Test results – Loup Ventures

Source : Loup Ventures

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