Users of all kinds have started to take an interest in online privacy in the recent period. Especially after the war between Facebook and Apple began. The second is known for its keen interest in the privacy and security of users of its products. Whereas Facebook does not.

The reasons for Facebook are understandable, as the company relies entirely on advertising. It is not possible to target users with advertisements without collecting data about them. Apple has announced a new feature coming with iOS 15 that makes users able to prevent apps from tracking them.

This means that iPhone users will be able to prevent Facebook from tracking their internet usage on the iPhone. As a consequence, Facebook will not be able to collect data and therefore will not be able to target these users with advertisements.

iOS offers a wide range of privacy features, and the system allows its user to know what data is being collected and how it is being collected. However, the new App Tracking Transparency (ATT) feature was the most effective, whether on Facebook or elsewhere.

However, the new anti-tracking feature may actually affect small business owners in a big way. Especially since Facebook has indicated that the use of untargeted ads – due to the prevention of tracking and data collection – will lead to a decrease in sales by up to 60%.

There is no doubt that Apple’s interest in users’ privacy drives it and its products. On the other hand, Facebook’s reputation for users’ privacy and security is never good.

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