What is encryption and why should it be used?

Encryption is a security measure designed to protect sensitive information from hackers. In simple terms, encryption converts information into secret codes and the only way to convert it back into texts, or understandable symbols, is by providing a key or password.

Full phone encryption is enabled by default in smartphones and modern operating systems, and if encryption is not done for some reason, or you choose not to use the built-in encryption, you can rely on a variety of third-party applications to provide it to you.

Where can encryption be used?

For most users, the concept of encryption will appear in the following three areas:

  • Fully encrypt the phone (device).
  • Encrypt applications and files.
  • Encrypt public Wi-Fi networks.

Encrypting the entire phone means that all data in it is protected from unauthorized access, for example: Someone will be prevented from accessing your data in case your phone is lost or stolen, so you can protect it with a PIN or password.

Encrypting an application or file protects a subset of information on your phone, not all of them, and you can protect one or more individual files by encrypting them in a safe folder, where many phones contain this feature by default, or by installing an application to do the job.

The danger in using the public Wi-Fi network is that the given connection is not secure, as it can transfer all the information that is sent through this connection, passwords, addresses, personal information and anything that you send to websites while browsing, to a third party, and the solution here is Ensure that you use a VPN whenever you are connected to a public Wi-Fi network.

Although the use of VPN services is useful but it is not a service that is provided by default in phones, instead you will need to install an application, which is probably why most users do not use VPN apps, even if they have to that.

VPN services are similar to the firewall in your mobile phone connection, as this connection creates a barrier between your phone and external parties, but the VPN does not work like a firewall, but VPN services create a virtual cloud network, as a barrier between your device and Wi-Fi It helps to encrypt information entering and leaving.

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