Nvidia announced in August that it plans to bring its GeForce Now gaming streaming service to Android, already available for download.

GeForce Now also features Google Stadia that allows users to access the current library of games, with the ability to connect with platforms such as Epic Games and Steam to choose from more games.

When streaming from the cloud, NVIDIA’s RTX-based servers work. This means that the smartphone will emulate the performance of high-end gaming PCs without the need for special hardware, if the Internet connection is fast enough.

Users can download the GeForce Now application on Android devices running 5.0 and later from the Google Play Store in the coming days. It now appears that the app is only available to users in Korea. However, users can download the app as an APK, download and install it manually here.

GeForce Now may be seen as a competition for Google’s Stadia streaming service, but the former relies heavily on the user’s gaming computer to broadcast the local library to the device via an Internet connection.

The GeForce Now service is still experimental, so users may experience problems on their phones or tablets. The user must also activate his or her account on the GeForce Now from a personal computer.

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