Recently, video games have become not only dazzling graphics, but developers have become very creative in converting the educational lessons children receive into educational video games, the child can enjoy playing, and at the same time learn while playing.

Here are 4 video games that help children learn while playing:

  1. National Geographic Challenge:
  2. A challenging and challenging racing game that presents easy and difficult questions divided into the regions of North America, Europe, Asia, South America, Africa and Australia, and the number of players can reach four, and about 40, 60 or 80 questions per round must be answered.

    The questions are designed to challenge players’ knowledge, such as: In what year did Madagascar gain independence from France? Or for any country that reaches the Niger River, and other knowledge questions, and games are supplemented with photos and videos from the National Geographic Archive, the game is available for: Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, and PlayStation 3.

  3. World Rescue:
  4. With the help of UNESCO, ZU Digital developed World Rescue, setting levels for the game in: Kenya, Norway, Brazil, India, and China.

    Where the five heroes in these countries must be helped to solve problems such as: displacement, disease, deforestation, drought and pollution, and the game is suitable for children to educate them and give them information about the real issues that many countries in the world suffer from.

    The game is freely available for iPhone and iPad users in the App Store, and for Android devices users in Google Play.

  5. Minecraft:
  6. Minecraft allows players to explore, collect resources, craft tools, and engage in some light fights, and the game has different modes, so that players have flexibility in their gameplay.

    The role of the game is not limited to improving creative freedom and self-direction, as some reports indicated that the game taught many children the basics of teamwork, improving reading and math skills to get better performance in the game.

    The game is available for personal computers, all gaming platforms, for iPhone and iPad users in the App Store, and for Android devices users in Google Play.

  7. Wordscapes:
  8. Wordscapes allows children to improve their vocabulary, as the player gets unlimited attempts to solve a crossword-style puzzle with his help with some hints.

    The game allows somewhat difficult levels by prohibiting words consisting of three letters, and offering additional points if the player can obtain all words in a specific order, and if the child learns a new word he can add it to his vocabulary list in the combined dictionary.

    The game is available for personal computers, for iPhone and iPad users in the App Store, and for Android devices users in Google Play.

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