Apple decided to postpone the product launch event to be held in March after continued delays in the production of the expected successor for the iPhone SE, according to an Apple source confirmed to Cult of Mac.

Several other problems caused the decision to postpone the planned event, including the continuing impact of the Corona virus epidemic in California and elsewhere.

The source said that Apple became concerned about the gathering of about a thousand people at the event, which was originally scheduled in late March at the (Steve Jobs) theater at Apple’s headquarters called (Apple Park) in Cupertino, California.

Apple has not sent invitations to this rumored event for a long time, and reportedly, executives at the iPhone maker have expressed some concern about their inability to ensure social spacing in a public event in a confined building where people sit next to each other. .

The US company’s decision comes after the Santa Clara County Public Health Department issued an order on Monday to ban gatherings of 1,000 or more people between March 11 and April 1, and at present there are 43 known cases of coronavirus in Santa Clara County, with One death.

The State of California currently refers to 133 confirmed cases and two deaths, and there are at least 900 cases in the United States in general, with at least 30 deaths.

It appears that the Santa Clara County order was a major factor in Apple’s decision not to hold a product event in March, in addition to the delay in producing two of the major products, and the lack of availability of these new devices for sale around the world after a short period From the event was part of the multiple circumstances that led to the postponement.

The source said that it will be difficult to determine availability and advertising plans until Apple can better evaluate the component production schedule and better assemble the final product, adding that the company has set a new initial schedule for all elements associated with the launch of new products, however, the schedule is not fixed and can To change from day to day.

Source : Cult of Mac

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