According to a new report from Counterpoint, the Chinese company Huawei managed for the first time to outpace its Korean competitor Samsung to occupy the first position in the smart phone market.

According to the report, Huawei’s superiority over Samsung did not last more than a month, as it took place only during the month of April, and the company attributed that superiority to the decline in shipments of Samsung due to temporary closings during the outbreak of the coronary virus emerging Covid-19.

Samsung has suffered in markets such as: India, the United States, Latin America, and Europe, where stores closed and weak demand for smartphones, which led to a decline in its market share to only 17%.

Meanwhile, Huawei has witnessed an increasing demand for phones in China, as people accept the company’s phones in order to compensate for its losses due to the US sanctions imposed on them since May 2019. During April 2020, Huawei’s market share increased to 19% to outperform So on Samsung.

It is noteworthy that Huawei has grown over the past years tremendous growth that enabled it to outperform many of the smart phone manufacturers, and those of the American giant Apple that have been for many years competing in second place behind Samsung, which still maintains the first position.

After removing Apple from the second position, Huawei said early last year: It is seeking to remove Samsung from the first position to become the largest phone maker in the world by the end of 2019 or during 2020, but US sanctions have prevented this from being achieved, after preventing it from using American corporate hardware And its services, and the most prominent of those companies Google.

And because users all over the world – with the exception of China – depend on Google services and applications on their mobile devices, the US sanctions have led many users to refrain from buying Huawei phones.

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