HUAWEI AppGallery – the official application distribution platform launched by Huawei – provides a new alternative for its users, and as one of the three best application stores in the world, the HUAWEI AppGallery platform is now available in more than 170 countries or regions with 400 million active users monthly.

The platform provides major applications and services all over the world, and Huawei’s vision is to make HUAWEI AppGallery an open and innovative platform for distributing applications accessible to consumers, while strictly protecting the privacy and security of users, and providing them with a unique and smart experience.

Huawei has hundreds of millions of users around the world, which lays a strong foundation for ecosystem development, in addition to Huawei’s mobile services HMS, which open a variety of software and hardware capabilities from Huawei, so that Huawei works to provide an innovative application experience for users.

The company has invested in more than 3,000 engineers to develop the HUAWEI AppGallery platform, and has invested $ 1 billion in development incentives, and the company has deployed a series of privacy safety measures directed to all life scenarios, which are designed according to the requirements of a diverse and intelligent life in accordance with Huawei’s promise of “ Privacy is under your control. ”

The new HUAWEI AppGallery platform publishes the highest level of verification to isolate and protect sensitive user data and their privacy, so that sensitive personal information – such as vital data – will not be processed outside of the Huawei device, giving users full control over their personal data.

The user interface EMUI allows users to control application permissions, the identity of user data is hidden and stored locally, consistent with the region of each user, and in addition, all applications pass a rigorous verification test to prevent developer applications from malicious activity, and the platform also implemented a system of classification Applications all over the world.

In order to meet the demands of users, Huawei is constantly working to increase the selection of the best applications that have become necessary for the users’ digital lifestyle, whether they are global or local applications, and the platform is currently dividing applications across 18 categories, including news, social media, entertainment and more, It can be found easily.

In the event that there is an application that users cannot find, they can add it to the Wish List, which informs them as soon as the application is available.

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