Compared to the release of the operating system iOS 13 that Apple launched at this time last year, the launch of the operating system iOS 14 this year is very exemplary, so in addition to the new features, the launch for the general public was organized with minimal complaints about problems. The usual plaguing of new releases.

However, after several days of the iOS 14 release, some issues appeared that some users were experiencing. Here are 3 of the most prominent problems in the release of iOS 14, and how to solve them:

  1. The problem with the iOS 14 update not showing in your phone:
  2. Once the Apple Time Flies conference ended, many iPhone users went to download the new iOS 14 operating system, but they had to wait hours to a day or two while others were still waiting for the new update to be installed in their phones.

    Possible solutions:

    • Apple is still pushing the new update to compatible phones, so if you don’t see the update icon on your phone yet, don’t worry, it might take a while.
  3. Battery drain issue:
  4. Many iPhone users have complained over the past few days that the battery of their phones is running out faster than usual once the new iOS 14 is installed, as some have found, after proving the update, that the battery charge drops from 90% to 3% in just one hour.

    Possible solutions:

    • You must wait at least 48 hours after installing the new update, and keep the battery charged until your phone adapts properly to the new operating system, in order for your phone to integrate the new system, re-index the system files, and re-adapt your installed applications with the new system, which leads to The battery drains normally.
    • Before updating, verify that your important apps are compatible with the iOS 14 version by checking your app’s download page in the app store or the latest version date.
    • Check battery health in the phone settings, which will inform you about the available charge level of the battery, and if you do not like what you see, you can take some steps to improve battery life, such as: adjust screen brightness, or remove an application that you suspect is constantly draining battery power.
  5. The problem of resetting default apps:
  6. One of the errors that were reported includes: The iOS version 14 resets default applications, such as: Safari and the email application, after turning off the phone and then restarting it again, which requires resetting the default settings for default applications again.

    Possible solutions:

    • You have to install the newly available iOS version 14.0.1 to solve the Reset default apps error when restarting iPhone.
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