Google has released new details about its new stadium, Stadia, including new features not previously announced. The company is scheduled to launch the Stadia gaming service later this year, prompting users to constantly try to thrill.

Andrei Doronichev, Product Manager at Stadia, explained that Stadia Pro is not a Netflix game, but rather a comparison with Xbox Live Gold or Playstation Plus.

Stadia Pro subscribers receive 4K / HDR, surround sound, exclusive discounts and access to some free games, including one free monthly game.

Google plans to add a system of achievements similar to other platforms, but will not be available immediately after the launch of the service officially, but will come later.

With regard to the features announced, the company explained that all basic functions will be available at launch, including playing games across the screens, and there is no waiting time to download the game, social features, and shop.

Google is committed to launch the service and continue to invest in it for years to come, and that the games purchased by the user is owned, and the user can download the game metadata.

Source : Google

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