Google announced the launch of a new visual design for the Play Store, in order to improve the overall experience of the store, which includes applications and games Android system, which dominates the mobile market.

The technology giant said in a blog post : “Google Play Store has more than two billion active users a month to come to find the most appropriate app, game, and other digital content”. He added : “To improve the overall experience of the store, we are pleased to offer a complete visual redesign”.

Google explained that the new updates – compatible with its design language “Material Design” – provide a store “cleaner and more distinct to improve the discovery of applications, and access to a variety of our users”.

To speed up and streamline the content of the store, Google said it has launched a new navigation bar at the bottom of the Play Store on mobile devices, a side navigation bar on the left on tablets and Chrome OS laptops.

This, Google has made a change in the form of application icons, and is urging developers to change the icons of their applications and games on the store.

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