Today, Twitter announced the introduction of a new interface for responses, so this interface uses lines and indents to facilitate the follow-up of interconnected conversations and understand who is responding to it and how the conversation is going on, and the company is also testing the status of sharing procedures, including the icons of liking, responding and retweeting, an additional click to facilitate Follow the responses to the conversations.

The animation posted by the Twitter support account displays the new test interface as it works, where lines and indents make it very easy to see who is answering who is in the interconnected conversations, and this functionality first appeared last year in a Twitter demo application called twttr, and is based on IOS app update released in January.

Twitter presented this experimental application at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2019 as a way to experiment with new ideas outside its public network.

Besides the new interface, Twitter says it is also testing hide the likes, reply and retweet icons by default for responses, in a move that will allow more tweets on one screen, and this change is being tested on a small group of platform users on iOS and the web.

Twitter used twttr to experiment with a variety of styles, including the one that allowed individual responses to appear in a circular style similar to chat bubbles, however, the design that lasted for a longer time is the one that first appeared publicly on the web version and the iOS mobile platform application.

It is reported that Twitter announced yesterday, Tuesday, that it will test a new feature that warns against responding to other Tweets in abusive language by sending an instant alert message.

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