Apple has announced that it intends to hold a special event in December, and it seems that the event will be devoted to talk about applications, software.

The American technology giant said: The event will focus on “Honoring our favorite apps and games of 2019”. In the slogan on the event’s invitation, Apple wrote: “Loved by millions. Created by the best. ”

Apple used to issue a press release detailing the best apps and games on the App Store every year, but a special event may indicate that the company could make the event a prize rather than a press release. The company is not expected to announce any new hardware during the event.

It was reported that Apple plans to hold a press conference in October, but only to announce new products through a press release, rather than the conference. New products included a 16-inch MacBook Pro computer and a new AirPods Pro with a new noise-canceling feature.

The event will take place on December 2 in New York City.

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