As you know, the PlayStation 5 intends to act as a “game changer” in our gaming microcosm by using a revolutionary SSD instead of a classic hard drive, allowing almost instant data transfer.

The concern is that this architecture does not allow the machine to equip any SSD as additional storage space, and the first device with the necessary read / write speed has just been made official at Western Digital!

So you will be able to get a 500GB, 1TB or 2TB SSD that can transfer 7000MB / s read and 5300MB / s write for the following prices:

  • 500 GB: $ 149.99
  • 1TB: $ 229.99
  • 2TB: $ 449.99

In short, it is far from being given all that, so we hope that the market prices will decrease over time and the number of potential competitors because we remind you that the PlayStation 5 only has an SSD. of 825GB, of which probably 100 to 200 will be used by the operating system.

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