YouTube‘s video sharing platform has published updated Terms of Service that are in effect as of December 10, 2019, which includes a new line that reminds all users that the company doesn’t have to keep any video they don’t want.

The new Terms of Service policy states that YouTube is not obliged to host or deliver content, another way of saying: Although YouTube is a relatively open platform, this does not mean that the company is required to continue playing videos.

The platform has faced criticism from all sides for video removals, and some critics argue that the site can do more to remove videos that oppose the company’s laws but do not directly violate them. Others argue that YouTube should be a fully open platform and should not control which videos should remain or which should be deleted.

Companies are constantly updating their terms of service, this is the third change to the video sharing platform in 2019, and these latest updates seem to coincide with upcoming changes YouTube will make according to the new FTC guidelines for the platform.

Many updates focus on who is using the platform and protecting children, after the Federal Trade Commission in September issued a $ 170 million fine against Google for alleged violations of the COPPA.

The platform agreed to make changes to further protect children’s privacy and compliance with the law, and the terms of service now come with an updated section on parental responsibility when children use the platform.

The update clarifies the age requirements of each country to use YouTube, and there is a notification saying: If you are a minor in your country, you should always get your parents or guardian’s permission before using the service.

The new terms of service have caused some users and creators to worry that the company may delete their accounts, in other words, YouTube can simply terminate channels and accounts if it does not monetize.

The updated Terms of Service say: YouTube may terminate your access or your Google Account access to the whole or part of the Service if YouTube, in its sole discretion, believes that providing the Service to you is no longer commercially applicable.

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