Football games attract millions of players from around the world, because they are games for everyone, not just for professional players. All you have to do is learn it and be familiar with the basics of football to get involved in playing with friends, and that will be the UFL game mode as well.

That’s because the UFL game was one of the most important games that were revealed at the opening of the Gamescom conference dedicated to the games several weeks ago. This game caught everyone’s attention, but this is not only for the quality of the gaming experience that was offered, but for its daring.

This is where this game comes to compete directly with FIFA and eFooltball (formerly PES) games. Besides, the game has a lot to offer. Also, its developers have declared that it will be a fair free game.

UFL is developed by a newly formed studio called Strikerz, with offices across Europe. Studio CEO Eugene Nashilov revealed that the idea of ​​developing the UFL is not new, but rather that the game has been in development for five years.

As mentioned, the studio has done a lot of market analysis before starting to develop the game. This defines the desires of the players and what they are actually looking for in football games. The goal behind this was to provide a game that was fit for the players’ full view.

The UFL game introduces a new competitor to the soccer games that have dominated the field for years. This is in light of the fact that game studios of all sizes have not entered this market with the presence of FIFA and PES.

According to the studio’s CEO, soccer games have been around for 25 years. However, the current games have failed to innovate and provide new features and features that players are looking for.

Also, the current football games have not been updated enough to keep pace with the real developments in the world of football. The studio CEO was also critical of the development teams currently working on FIFA and eFootball.

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