Microsoft has been thrilled to learn more about its new Surface products event in New York City in early October. The software giant sent a new invitation to journalists with a different picture from the one it first sent at the end of August. The image contains a four-square-face Surface hardware logo, but one of the boxes looks like a processor.

The new invitation reveals that the event will begin at 10 am New York time (2 pm GMT) on October 2, 2019. It also reveals that the CEO of the company (Satya Nadella), and the head of products at the company (Panos Panay) will attend Event, which could be an indication that there is significant news at this year’s event.

Nadella did not attend the Surface event last year, where Microsoft announced an updated version of Surface Pro and Surface computers with a new color option is black, as revealed the desktop (Surface Studio 2) and new earphones (Surface). So attending Nadela next month means something important will be announced.

This year’s event will focus on the new gear that will go on sale in conjunction with the year-end holiday season, and Microsoft is expected to announce updated versions of Surface devices. The leaks talk that the company intends to launch a Surface Laptop using AMD processors, and another computer uses processors Qualcomm. In addition to Surface Pro with a USB-C port.

It is believed that the processor-like box in the new call may indicate the diversity of processors that will come in the new generation of Surface computers. Microsoft is also expected to announce a dual-screen Surface device during the event and may announce its plans for the lite version of Windows: Windows Lite.

The Verge website quoted informed sources that Microsoft has been working on the new dual-screen computer for two years, and comes under the direction of tablet computers and laptops dual-screen or folding, and is scheduled to launch in late 2020. Microsoft had introduced the device – named Symbolically (Centaurus) – during an internal meeting held earlier this year.

Microsoft is also working with hardware manufacturers running Windows on a lite version of the system (Windows Light), which is intended for devices with weak specifications.

The company may announce a portable speaker, as it was spotted a few days ago a patent for the company shows an unannounced device similar in size and design to the Home Mini speaker of Google. Microsoft is likely to use this speaker for its Microsoft Teams program, and it may carry the Surface brand.

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