Google announced yesterday, Wednesday, that its Stadia game broadcasting service is available free of charge to users in many countries, in order to help them comply with the quarantine in light of the spread of the coronary virus emerging COVID-19.

The American tech giant said in a post on her blog : “We are currently facing one of the most difficult times in recent memory, although maintaining social distance is vital, staying home for long periods of time can be difficult and a cause for isolation. ”

Google added: “Video games can be a valuable means of mixing with friends and family while you are stuck at home, so we give players in 14 countries free access to Stadia for two months.”

And Google said: The availability of Stadia free starts from yesterday continuously gradually during the next 48 hours. She added that anyone who subscribes to the service will get two months free of charge in the professional version of the service Stadia Pro with immediate access to 9 games, such as: GRID, Destiny 2: The Collection, and Thumper.

And those who do this can buy more games from the service store, but these games will remain the user’s possession even if he canceled the subscription to the originally Stadia Pro service at a later time. If the user is already subscribed to the paid service, the company will not take fees within the next two months.

It is noteworthy that it is possible to subscribe to the service Stadia through its website, then download the application on Android and iOS, then play on any personal computer, desktop computer, or Chrome OS tablet with controllers, boards Supported keys. It can also be played by pixel phones, and many other Android phones.

In addition to providing the service Stadia Pro for free, Google announced a reduction in the default screen resolution from 4K to 1080p to maintain data traffic over the Internet.

Source : Google

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