Interbrand today released its Global Best Brands Report, the 20th edition of the world’s first brand assessment survey, which shows that US technology companies Apple, Google and Amazon continue to succeed as the world’s top three brands.

The report also revealed that luxury goods and retail remained the fastest growing sector. He also revealed that technology companies dominate the top ten, where their share was 5 out of 10, Apple came in first place, then Google in second place, then Amazon in third place, then Microsoft in fourth place, and Samsung in sixth place .

Other non-tech companies that were in the top ten were Coca-Cola in fifth place, Toyota in seventh, Mercedes in eighth, McDonald’s in ninth and Disney in 10th.

According to the report, the value of the brand for Apple grew by 9% compared to last year to $ 234.241 billion, the value of Google grew by 8% to $ 167.713 billion, while the value of Amazon has grown three times the growth of Google, by 24% to $ 125.263 billion The value of Microsoft has grown twice that of Apple; by 17% to $ 108.847 billion.

Facebook, which first entered the “Best Global Brands” list in 2012, was in 69th place, and saw a phenomenal growth that enabled it to reach 8th place in 2017, but in 2018 it fell to 9th place, but its value dropped by 11.8% this year, falling to 14th place with a value of $ 39.86 billion.

The brand’s 20th edition of its annual brand report features a series of individual sector reports that delve deeper into technology, luxury, retail and consumer packaged goods, Interbrand said in a statement.

Source : interbrand

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