Like Facebook, which began allowing publishers to upload exclusive videos for a monthly subscription, YouTube is currently testing a new option that allows channels to upload exclusive videos to subscribers to its paid program. In June 2018, YouTube launched the membership program, which allows regular channels to sell subscriptions.

Now a document posted on the YouTube Support Forum has shown that the company is testing a new option that allows channels to upload exclusive videos to members. It is believed that this option may enable video-on-demand services such as Netflix to publish the same videos as their services on their YouTube channels without compromising their original services.

It is also believed that it may allow regular channel owners to attract more paid subscriptions, especially since anyone can see clips on the channel but the view will be exclusive to paid subscribers as a non-subscriber will receive a message informing them that these clips are only available to subscribed members.

YouTube has expanded the platform with its membership program earlier this year by adding different price grades; ranging from $ 0.99 to $ 49.99 per month.

Unlike other services that sell paid subscription including Amazon, Apple, Rocco and Facebook, which offer paid subscription services on behalf of publishers, YouTube is thought to be particularly successful as it has a huge user base of over one billion viewers per day.

Source : Google

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