In a financial presentation of Nidec Corporation, Japanese manufacturer of electric motors, estimates that sales of PC hard drives will fall by about 50% this year. The company holds the largest share of the global market for the tiny pin motors that power hard disk drives.

Nidec specifically refers to hard drives used as internal storage and according to its estimates, sales are expected to increase from 124 million units sold in 2018 to 65 million units to be sold this year.

In addition, the company expects sales of other types of hard drives to slow as well, but in a less dramatic way, and in its view, sales of hard drives for data centers should even increase slightly.

the entry of SSDs and the transition of consumer behavior in data storage, from local storage to cloud are the main reasons for the decline. In addition, online streaming services have reduced the need for integrated devices with huge storage capacity.

Source : Rapport Nidec

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