Facebook has introduced new security measures for users worried about their safety in Afghanistan, where the Taliban continues to consolidate its grip on power.

In a series of tweets, Nathaniel Gleicher said the company made the changes based on comments from activists, journalists and civil society groups.

With the Taliban regaining control of the country over the past week, the group has found ways to spread its messages on social media. This is despite being banned by YouTube and Facebook.

People within Afghanistan can now access a tool to close accounts within the social network with a single click. The feature encourages users to limit what anonymous people can see.

Facebook protects accounts of Afghan users

When an account is locked, Gleicher explained, people who aren’t friends with them can’t download or share the account’s photo, or see posts through the timeline.

He added that the company also removed the ability for users to view and search friend lists within accounts in Afghanistan. This is to protect people from being targeted.

He also urged people who have friends and family in Afghanistan to tighten up their visibility settings. and consult a range of digital security tools created by human rights organizations to better secure their digital lives.

The company did not say whether it had translated its new resources and help pages into Pashto and Dari, the two primary languages ​​in Afghanistan.

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