Google has announced the addition of a new feature to its maps application Google Earth allows users to prepare a guide for a trip somewhere in the world.

Google said in a blog post : “We humans have always been involved in sharing stories about places that matter to us. Today we use technology to celebrate our ancestors, raise awareness of the places we care about, and revive memories of the homeland.”

The American technology giant added: “For nearly 15 years, people have been turning to Google Earth for a comprehensive view of our planet. But our mission was never to show you a static picture of the planet; we want to salute the world. With the new build tools now in Google Earth, you can turn our digital ball into your storyboard, and create a map or story about the places you care about. ”

Google explained that the build tools in Google Earth allow users to draw place markers, lines, and shapes, and then attach those sites with their own information, including: text, images, and videos.

Users can also organize stories and make them narrative and collaborate with others. After the story is completed, the user can share it with others. By clicking the Present button, the public can travel from place to place in the user-created journey.

Google said: The new construction tools – based on (Voyager) program launched about two years ago – is now available for the web version of Google Earth. Stories can be viewed on mobile devices using the latest version of the app on Android and iOS. Stories can also be stored in Google Drive for viewing from anywhere.

Source : Google

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