U.S. President Donald Trump claimed that the Tik Tok application would be out of business in the United States on September 15 if it was not sold by the Chinese parent company ByteDance. It is also reported that Microsoft negotiated a 45-day period to acquire the app.

Microsoft said through the post: It is ready to continue discussions to explore buying Tik Tok in the United States, after a conversation between the company’s CEO Satya Narayana Nadella and President Trump.

Trump announced the news and explained in detail how he believed that Microsoft or any other major American company should buy Tik Tok.

Trump said that you should buy the entire app from ByteDance, not just its operations in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, because buying 30 percent is complicated.

The president also stressed that any deal should send a very large portion of the price to the Treasury Treasury, and he did not explain what this meant, but he made a comparison between the US government’s relationship with companies and the relationship between the landlord and the tenant.

The Trump administration has spoken of banning Tik Tok several weeks ago without much detail, citing a mixture of potential national security threats and a desire to punish China for its handling of the coronavirus.

Chinese government media have described the United States as a rogue state, while describing the potential sale of social networking app Tik Tok to Microsoft as a theft and that Beijing could retaliate if the deal is concluded.

And the Global Times published a headline reading: “Banning Tik Tok reflects Washington’s cheese.” The Chinese newspaper used the article to accuse the United States of moving to ban the application because it considered it a threat to American technology companies.

The article also mentioned similar moves from the United States to ban China Telecom Equipment Company Huawei.

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