Samsung has removed the headphone port from its new flagship phones, after the South Korean giant used to use the headphone port on its smartphones as a marketing tool against Apple.

Samsung reversed what it used to be during the announcement of the phones Galaxy Note 10, as the phones do not have a standard headphone port size of 3.5 mm.

The Galaxy Note series has historically tried to distinguish itself from Apple’s iPhone via features that Apple doesn’t have, such as an electronic pen, expandable storage, and a headphone port.

In 2016, Samsung ridiculed the lack of a headphone port within the iPhone 7 by showing someone using an iPhone with a set of adapters attached, allowing him to listen to music and charge the device at the same time.

The implication was that viewers had to buy Galaxy phones from Samsung, which still have this feature, but it seems that the ad is no longer on the official YouTube channel for Samsung, as the company removed most of the ads that ridiculed Apple.

According to the site iFixit, it was found that Apple has removed the headphone port to include a new engine (Taptic) in (iPhone 7), which provides vibratory feedback on iPhone devices when they interact with the screen or receive alerts.

Samsung’s decision was not about urging people to use a wireless headset, even though it sells Galaxy Buds similar to AirPods. She said: It removed the headphone port to provide additional battery capacity, and therefore, longer battery life for Galaxy Note users.

Although Samsung has ridiculed Apple for removing the headphone port, it is clear that it can still sell millions of phones without the headphone port, and can make billions of new commercial product, as Apple has done.

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