Facebook said yesterday that it will start to launch a “faster, smaller, and simpler” version of the instant messaging application (Messenger) on the iOS system that is running on iPhone from Apple.

Facebook – which has the largest social network in the world – says: The new version of the application will be loaded twice as fast compared to the current version, then its size will not exceed a quarter of the size of the current version. The new version is expected to be launched within the next few weeks.

In a post on Facebook, CEO (Mark Zuckerberg) said: The new version of Messenger will make users feel faster and more responsive compared to other applications they use.

In a post, Facebook said: It is – in order to access these features in Messenger, – has rewritten the basic code for the entire application. However, the company cautioned that the new simpler design would be at the expense of temporarily missing some benefits. The company did not specify which benefits would be removed.

It should be noted that the TechCrunch technical website published a report on the new design of the Messenger application last Friday, in which the company appeared to have abandoned the Discover tab, which displays automated chats. For its part, Facebook said: It is working to restore these benefits soon, but did not specify a timetable for this.

Facebook announced the redesign of the Messenger app in May 2018. At that time, it pledged to make the application simpler with the new redesign.

Source : Facebook

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