Facebook announced the completion of its acquisition of CTRL-labs competent in the development of neurological technology for $ 500 million – $ 1 billion. The company founded four years ago and headquartered in New York City, the startup has already developed smart devices.

Andrew Bosworth, vice president of augmented reality and virtual reality technologies at Facebook, said his company recently acquired CTRL-labs to use its technologies in the augmented and augmented reality technologies and devices that are definitely centered around Oculus devices.

CTRL-labs has already developed a wrist device that measures nerve movements in the human body and converted into commands on computers without the need to use a keyboard and other devices, meaning that the technology relies on high intelligence capabilities read the movement of the nerve to turn it into commands without having to touch anything.

It can be argued that these techniques used by the company will not need actual movement of the arm to give commands, all the person is to get nervous orders from the brain and thus the movement is intelligently identified to complete the orders – which means they offer tremendous options for those who have impaired movement and want Enjoy the techniques without making a real effort.

On the same side, the availability of such technologies in virtual reality augmented reality glasses will offer a huge leap in the field.

Source : bloomberg

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