Airbnb announced that its global platform for accommodation and tourism experiences will be available in Arabic to allow its growing base of visitors to the Middle East and North Africa region to get a unique travel experience that meets the needs of users in the region.

Users can easily access the Airbnb platform in Arabic by selecting “Arabic” in the list of languages ​​on the site. The introduction of the website in Arabic is part of Airbnb’s ongoing commitment to the region and contributes to its mission of creating a community that gives a true sense of belonging around the world.

Users will have access to all the benefits of the Airbnb platform, including access to pages displaying thousands of homes, offering accommodation, experiences around the world, and content that provides tips and information on travel or on-site hosting.

“The Middle East and North Africa region is a very important area for us and we are delighted to launch Airbnb in Arabic, The site has been used throughout the region since its inception 10 years ago; To book accommodation, and to experience a unique travel experience that meets all the needs and requirements of travelers. We look forward to giving them a true sense of belonging by enabling them to make bookings in Arabic, We also aim to inspire more Arab travelers to explore their favorite destinations by providing them with authentic local travel and accommodation experiences across the Airbnb platform. Arabianbusiness is renowned for its international hospitality. Airbnb is keen to encourage more residents to participate by hosting visitors from Around the world. ” said Hadi Moussa, Regional Director, Middle East and Africa at Airbnb.

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